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Casa Vacanze La Contessina
Condition of Web-site Use

Casa Vacanze La Contessina offer through their browser web-site http://www.casavacanzelacontessina.it the possibility for Italian and International public to:

  1. come and see (visit) the accommodation facilities.
  2. To fulfil the need for information, thanks to large clear and detailed descriptive (sessions) of layout, the services offered and the territory.
  3. Discover last minute holiday packets and commercial offers.
  4. Enjoy a booking on-line system which is able to:
  • asking for information and availability
  • presenting and finalisingBookings.

On line Booking
User's Handbook


Once the form is sent it will produce 2 e-mails:

  1. one to the user containing the details which have been inserted
  2. one to the structure containing the booking details of the client

Casa Vacanze La Contessina will send an e-mail with details of availability.

  • In case of availability the direction will send an e-mail making it possible to continue thanks to a link and automatic form compilation of the booking form.
  • In case of non-availability the direction will send an e-mail giving the user details of other eventual dates.

Following confirmation of availability or confirmation of booking, the user can ask that the booking request represent the first step of drawing up a contract on-line.

The user:

  • complete the form (already completed) when availability has been confirmed
  • the method of calculating cost of stay
  • the method of calculating eventual confirmatory deposits and suggests means of payment ( postal order, bank transfer)
  • the method of automatic compilation for form necessary for confirmation
  • to send the booking request the user must give his consent to the use of personal data according to the "Security & Privacy Conditions" regarding the privacy and accept the Booking Conditions and Terms".

Once the form has been sent two e-mails are produced:

  1. one to the user containing the details which have been inserted.
  2. one to the structure containing booking details inserted in the request form.

The user will receive an e-mail of confirmation/ refusal of booking from the direction with legal options linked to the final confirmation by the client having sent by fax the receipt of payment in case a deposit is requested or the form signed with the credit card as deposit.

At this point the user will receive a confirmatory e-mail from the direction containing the link to Voucher to print-out and show at the Check-in and detailed road directions.

Special Offers
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Casa Vacanze La Contessina
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06083 - Bastia Umbra (PG), Italy

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Tel.: +39.075.8180026
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Via A. Mantovani, 28
06083 - Bastia Umbra (PG), Italy
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